So I got my sister something fun for her birthday... (clicky) I wonder if she'll see this before then. Sticking out tongue

Anyway, if you know her, don't forget to wish her a happy birthday next Tuesday! Smile


Long-overdue Update

So... I've been really busy lately doing musicals and driving for hours and hours and stuff. I also changed the company that hosts the choir sites (and this site). Twice. I also had to spend some time updating to the latest version of Drupal (the software that runs this site). So... all these factors combined to the fact that I haven't made a real update in a long time.

Now it's time to give this site and the choir site some attention.

In other news, I recently ran sound for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar in Lebanon and designed lighting / ran sound for a production of Aladdin in Fishers. I've put photos from both of those productions online over in my own little photo gallery. Yes... that's right. Now that we're on a new host, I actually have room to put up new photos. Watch out... yours will be on here next!

If you're bored, you can also look at the photos from the choir's trip to Branson. I wasn't on the trip, so the photos were taken by Mr. Emig... but they're still interesting if you're curious as to what any of those crazy high school choir kids are up to.

Now I'm off to do a few updates on the choir site. See y'all soon!


My so-called graphic design skills

We have a winter concert rapidly approaching, so I whipped up a couple of posters to use as advertisements. I'll be the first to admit that any graphic design skills I have are purely illusionary, so any comments (good or bad) about these would be appreciated.

Take a look (click for larger version):
MHS Choirs Winter Concert 2004 Poster MHS Choirs Winter Concert 2004 Poster

Also: If you're at that concert, you'd better be stopping by the booth and saying hello!


Pictures Speak Louder than Words

(which is good because my ears are still ringing)

Matt and Laura while DJ'ing
Matt and Laura posing for a cute picture after DJ'ing... awww
Last weekend, Matt and I had a DJ job for a couple's wedding at this hall in Illinois. It was... well... an interesting experience. We conned persuaded Laura into coming along as a "classic rock consultant." (Matt has been quoted as saying "uh... what's classic rock," to which we all responded with laughter.)

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