Scrooge Photos


I've put some photos online from this year's Scrooge; you can find them in my photo gallery.

EDIT: The cast/crew photo is now available too.


Ragtime Photos

If you're looking for photos from this summer's production of Ragtime, you can access them on my photo gallery.


Sure... the Vision's Hazy

I'm making an attempt to put together a list of all the various theatre productions in which I've been involved. This is primarily for my own benefit so that, someday years in the future, I can look back and actually remember where all my time went in high school / college... but it also might be useful to use as a resumé-type-thing for any theatre-ish people who might want to hire me / check my credentials / whatever.

Anyway, I quickly discovered it's a task which is far more difficult than originally anticipated. I've helped out in a ton of productions, many of which I only faintly remember. Puzzled After digging through folders of old programs, searching what sparse Internet resources are available for the theatre companies with which I've been involved, and looking through a bunch of all photo/web archives on my computer, I think I've put together a fairly thorough list.

If anyone has any corrections or remembers anything which I didn't mention, I'd like to hear about it. Also, if you remember anything at all about the shows surrounded by question marks, let me know. Smile

I'll go back later and add a description of my involvement with each show.

If you have a few minutes, take a look and let me know if I missed anything.


More Photos

I put photos from a few more productions I've been involved with online. You can take a look over in my photo gallery.

Among them are:

Check it out, yo.


Up, Up and Away

Humorous enough that it was worth stealing (from Matt's away message):

Why am I experiencing the stress of college to end up doing the news in a town smaller than the one I am currently living in? Needless to say I am going to drop out of school, start my own video production company / community theatre, and cast myself in all the lead roles. I wonder where I got that idea from?

Gee... I wonder who he's talking about? Sticking out tongue


My so-called graphic design skills

We have a winter concert rapidly approaching, so I whipped up a couple of posters to use as advertisements. I'll be the first to admit that any graphic design skills I have are purely illusionary, so any comments (good or bad) about these would be appreciated.

Take a look (click for larger version):
MHS Choirs Winter Concert 2004 Poster MHS Choirs Winter Concert 2004 Poster

Also: If you're at that concert, you'd better be stopping by the booth and saying hello!


A bit much? No way!

People always accuse the choir of going overboard with Christmas decorations. (I believe the exact phrase used was, "It's vomiting up Christmas in here!") I wonder if I went a bit overboard over on the choir site. Nah! Wink!

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