Do you know the way to San Jose...

So I was downloading a copy of Firefox earlier today at work and I noticed this advertising screenshot on their web site:
Firefox Search Bar

Is is just me or is that a song cue? I wonder how many people have been to the Firefox site and not even noticed that screenshot.


'Tis election day!

Yup... and today I passed some guy whose shirt said (I kid you not): "VOTE OR DIE." I mean, I feel as strongly as anyone that lots of people should vote... but I seriously had to struggle to keep a straight face while walking by.

In other news, I maintain a computer lab at Purdue for students studying to get A+ certification. Basically, the job is to test all the computers and fix whatever the students broke. Pretty easy work and decent pay. Anywho, sometimes I find students have done stuff that's actually entertaining. Today for instance, I found this gem:
(clicky clicky)

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