Just write, already!

So I put a link to this blog in my AIM profile. If you came here via. that link, you should bug me to update this more often. I have this problem with "laziness." Hopefully, if I get motivated to write in this thing on a regular basis, my composition skills won't atrophy any more than they already have.

See, that's the problem with being an engineering/technology major. Your math skills get exercised so much they look like Schwarzenegger while your English skills wither away to nothing. Believe it or not, at one time I really enjoyed my English classes. Sure, composition was a drag because I'd always procrastinate till the last minute, but being able to express one's thoughts in a coherent and creative manner was fun. (Well, at least, it seemed fun... it could have something to do with the sleep deprivation due to writing all those papers at 3 AM. Wink! )

Anywho, sometimes I wonder if it might have been a better idea to go into a more "creative" major... probably not an "English" major exactly, but something more like communications (tele?) or theatre. I guess I'd have the opposite problem if I had made that choice, though... I'd be able to express myself creatively, but I'd never get a chance to do the cool "play with electronics"-type stuff from this degree... and I'd miss it just as much as I miss having a real creative outlet.

So, instead, I try to use my work at MHS with the choir as a creative outlet... and what happens there? I get stuck dealing with administrative BS to try to get equipment fixed/replaced. That's not creative. That's not even interesting. That's the type of stuff that makes me want to quit... so, I'm looking for somewhere else to pretend that I'm creative. Maybe it'll be this page... maybe...