'Tis election day!

Yup... and today I passed some guy whose shirt said (I kid you not): "VOTE OR DIE." I mean, I feel as strongly as anyone that lots of people should vote... but I seriously had to struggle to keep a straight face while walking by.

In other news, I maintain a computer lab at Purdue for students studying to get A+ certification. Basically, the job is to test all the computers and fix whatever the students broke. Pretty easy work and decent pay. Anywho, sometimes I find students have done stuff that's actually entertaining. Today for instance, I found this gem:
(clicky clicky)

Screenshot from a lab PC
Apparently, they really don't like IE. Could it be the lack of proper CSS support? or perhaps they miss PNG transparency? Perhaps they've heard of the BrowseHappy campaign. Whatever the reason, the verdict is in. Even random hooligans in the ECET110 class feel that IE is past its prime.